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Ohio Bucks (Pix)

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I got this from the outfitter in Ohio. This is one of 5 good bucks that he's caught on film by the stand I 'll be hunting.I' be there 10/1 - 10/3.I see if I can find some of the other pics he's sent me.
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Here is one more. I hope I get lucky. Its my first Ohio hunt. And he is a new outfitter. He's been honest with me so far Via e mail. I guess I'll no soon enough.
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If I strike out in Ohio I'll be in Illinois Oct 31 - nov . 5.
The way I go to Illinois is. I take exit 14 off the NJ turnpike and go to Terminal C at the Airport. I'm flying to Illinois.$210.00 Round trip. Takes 2 1/2 hours.
I'm using an outfitter in Illinois. All I need is Clothes and equipment. He supplies the rest.Probably like your Iowa hunt?
This is my first Ohio hunt. I am using an outfitter. Next year I think I may do a DIY hunt. I'll be hunting Hocking County.
Ohio= Ohio Arrow Outfitters.(1st time with him)
Illinois= Buckhorn outfitters.(4th time with him)
I will be hunting private property. I made that clear with him via Email and phone calls. Next year I would be interested in a DIY. I'll go out there during the spring (2006 )and do some scouting. Any of you guys got any suggestions on where to look for public land?
Hocking County
Heres the pix Jason.
I never saw any of those big boys , but i did see about 75 deer in 3 days.The biggest I saw was about 110 Inches
1 - 13 of 41 Posts
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