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I'm not sure if this was posted here before but it is a very good read so here it is again if it was..

Of acres and bears

By Alan Caruba
web posted February 28, 2005

The news of the world comes to you in bits and pieces. If you
have a job, are raising a family, or just busy making sure the
refrigerator is full and the clothes get cleaned, it is hard to make
sense of it. If you take the news provided by the mainstream
media as your guide, you are so severely misinformed that
making sense of it is impossible.

If you believed the mainstream press, the Earth is doomed to a
near-term global warming, the entire East Coast of America will
be wiped out by a tsunami that will be worse than the recent one
in the Indian Ocean, most Americans are so obese they pose a
burden on the health care system, every school child should
submit to mental health screening and mandated prescription of
drugs, and the new National ID card will make us safer.

These are just a few of the bogus claims that p [no swearing please] for news.
Common sense should tell us that the climate is always subject to
change, but that change is primarily contingent on the Sun as it
goes through its own cycles of activity. If a volcano off the coast
of Africa erupts, it could cause a tsunami, but this is an act of
nature about which man can do nothing. Americans of all ages
are responsible for what they eat, drink, smoke or abuse in some
fashion, not the government. Our school children desperately
need to be taught how to read -- it only takes about a hundred
hours of instruction to achieve this, not twelve years of
compulsory imprisonment in the current education system. Their
mental and physical health is their parent's responsibility. And a
National ID card will give the government -- some faceless
bureaucrat or computer -- the right to stop you from boarding an
airplane, getting a bank loan, securing a new job or anything else
important to your personal freedom and life.

So what does any of this have to do with controlling the bear
population of New Jersey or the property rights of people who
live there? Everything. If laws are passed by legislators who are
ignorant of science or the US Constitution; if your property's
value can be destroyed or taken from you by the false
application of eminent domain; if your life is put at risk because
of animal rights and environmental zealots led by ideologues in
government agencies, the freedoms, rights, and protections you
think you have are meaningless.
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