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This sort of reminds me of the old story about the hula dancers in Hawaii. They'd show up in a grass skirt, topless, start shaking, and tell a story with their hands. Nobody ever watched their HANDS!

He's talking about financial system regulation, globally.

Meanwhile, look at national security:

Iran in 2009 looks like Poland with Solidarity in the early 80's. They're ready to kick the SOBs out..but instead of stepping up, we're backing off, because we don't want to offend. (And--we're right NEXT door, which would make it easier. BUT NOOOOOO...we'd rather piss off our only real ally in the region by bending them over after 40+ years of friendship.) WTF????

Halfway around the world, a nut with a gun (OK, a missile and NUKES, for CHRISSAKES!) is threatening us, and all Hillary can do is wag a finger at him, and hope he catches cold from the draft.

For foreign policy advice, the Great and Might O has "specialists" who stand between him and his Sec. of State, Hillary, who he obviously doesn't want to talk to.

This guy is so bad, he actually makes Jimmy Carter look intelligent. [ko]
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