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NY & PA deer camps????

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Looking to do some rifle next year in either or both. Don't want to drive more than 2-3 hours from Sussex County NJ. Anyone have any openings for next year? I would prefer spot n stalk over stand hunting. Not really into drinking myself into a stupor for a few days. Looking to do some real hunting with a small group of guys over 4-5 days. I don't know anything about these type of clubs, what am I looking to spend? Thanks for the help in advance.
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check out Sunrise farm rod an gun club...they have lots of good deer hunting land in NE PA an NY,,,,get a few guys to gether an start your own deer camp,,,lodging in the area ,,Hills twin spruce lodge in stalker PA,,its a deer camp like atmosphere,,Good luck
Me and the crew go to potter co pa, its a 5 51/2 hr dr. but there is so much state land. We been there for 5 yrs now, shot 4 decent bucks, and rarely see another hunter.
Now if stay a little closer, north pike co, north of scrston towsrds ny border, I beleive deer herd is better, but more hunters.
My camp is about 2hrs from you. Great cmp 2800 acres. Only about 12 to 15 hunters. 350 yr. Plenty of room to stalk. Everybody got a buck last yr. Pm if your interested.
Ducatwhir hunt up the street frOm my parents house in Delaware state forest the more guys the merrier. We have a bunch of beds we have a few drinks but don't get stupid. Your welcome to join if you want. Plus bear opens half way through deer week.
Is Surise farm still a club? I have emailed and called there # and haven't received a reply
I have 1500 acres in Redfield NY, pm me your email or cell if you're interested

Good luck. I have been looking for the same type of club since I lost my place to hunt 2 years ago. If you find a place and feel like sharing I'd love it. I'm a 50 year old married father who's hunted for over 30 years and feels like you.
Sab, im in the same boat. However, I do have a friends camp in potter co, but its a 51/2 hr drive. I would love to find something closer to nj. Say the 2/3 hr ride
I do have a friends camp in potter co, but its a 51/2 hr drive
Worth the ride still a good deer herd in 3A Potter where we hunt
Alot of guys from my town hunt sunrise in NYS. they take some nice deer off of that property. They also have a road that runs up a very nice stretch of the beaverkill
Hell I drove for 6 plus hours this year. I'm looking for more of a deer camp or lodge type thing rather than going by myself. Although I'd like to shoot a monster the camp experience is worth more to me. It's just how I feel
PMNC-PM me your info when you get a chance, I used to be in Sunrise, but I dropped out when I had my second kid. I was up that way for Thanksgiving and had to call one of the members up there who has a Taxidermy shop to get the name of a local butcher. I'll call him and paid your info on directly. Ducati-let me know if you're interested as well. I've hunted up there for a lot of years, Sullivan County in NY and Wayne County in PA.
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