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GAPP has several NRA Basic courses coming up in March.

NRA Basic Rifle March 17 and 18 at Fort Dix. For registration info and more course information, check here:

NRA Basic Pistol March 24 at Fort Dix. For registration info and more course information, check here:

A "Back to Basics" approach to NRA Basic Courses.

Working through GAPPNJ, NRA certified firearms instructors Tim, Jen, Frank and Grant are taking a more hands-on approach to the NRA Basic Pistol course than has become fashionable in these days of Powerpoint and e-presentations.

Shooting is something that people do with their hands, so we want to give our students as much time handling pistols, and seeing and feeling how they work, as we can. We believe strongly that this is the best way to prepare our students for the live-fire part of the course and to enable them to get the most fun from this as possible. So, we have decided to offer a version of the NRA Basic Pistol Course that has less powerpoint-based lecturing and more question, answer and participation than courses that run with large class-sizes.

NRA courses are about "Knowledge, Skills and Attitude" and of course, safety. We want to add "involvement" to that mix, too.

Our courses are being mentored by Cameron Green of GAPPNJ, who is an NRA-certified Training Counsellor and an experienced and respected firearms trainer. Together, we want to bring a great class and range experience to our students across all the NRA disciplines.

Follow the links in the "NRA Basic Courses" menu on the GAPPNJ website to sign up for the course and to learn about dates for Basic Rifle and Basic Shotgun, too.
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