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Is anyone a member? I got an introductory package in the mail the other day and was wondering if it is worth joining.
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life member for about ever it seems like. i don't even remember it's been so long.
the Mag is good, they have some good stuff, but most of they time they are a pain in the rump. I'm a Life Member tho.
I belonged until they drove me nuts with trying to sell their videos and calendars.
It was a unwanted, returned calendar, that they said I didn't return that was the final straw. I ended up cutting up my membership card into very,very,very, tiny pieces and enclosing it in a very, very, very, nasty letter.
They never called me again !!
Im a life member too. I love the magazine and the stuff I got when I became a life member made it worth the price. They do send you alot of crap though through the mail. I dont even read it anymore. Just throw it all out.
i even have 2 of their life member jackets.
Life Member too
Got rid of my membership for the same reason NS911 did. Send you too much stuff always hassling you to buy it.[down]

I recently learned that you can keep all that unsolicited "junk" they send you. They cant do a damn thing about it. They eventually learn not to send you stuff, so Im told. Im toying with the idea of rejoining, I really do like the magazine.

By the way, that gives me an idea, we should start a "Shoot or Dont Shoot?" thread. I started one on another site a few years ago, and it was a LOT of fun. Ive also seen it done on a few other sites.

If I can find a picture, I'll try and start that up..see how it goes over.[up]
Life Member also, enjoy the magazine they have some good articles in there.
dont know whats worse, a dope pusher, or pusher dopes.:D
i am a member for a long time they do send you a lot of stuff and try to get you to be a lifetime member a lot
I'm a life member and wish i never was, they suck[down]
I look at organizations like NAHC and Buckmasters as more of a magazine subscription. I used to join Buckmasters because they gave you 2 bottles of Tinks 69 and a hat for a $15.00 membership. They aren't orgs like NRA, UBNJ, TNUSA or USSA who actually fight for your rights to hunt.
I joined once, mostly because of the packet they gave you, including one of those leatherman type tools. I never got the packet. Called them several times about it, wrote to them, finally, after several phone calls they gave me a number to call someone who could help. It was a toll call, and I was put on hold for 45 minutes, then, they just hung up. I wrote them a few letters and e-mails about how I thought I was treated badly, and still never received my packet(I stayed on them for about 9 months).

I also didn't like the way they ripped Mitch Rompola...whether you think the deer was real or not, they went way over the line and basically trashed Rompola, the 3 or 4 offical scorers who viewed and scored the rack, and the Conservation Officer who viewed the rack. They didn't even have any good points in their bashing opinion, just a bunch of easily refuted observations and major assumptions. Not a high quality group of people over there in my opinion, basically a joke of a club. But...that's just my opinion. ;)
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I joined a long time ago as a life member. Th emagazine is alright, but they just send you so much stuff to try and buy. I don't mind supporting clubs but i cannot afford a 200 dollar rain suit. I am still waiting to be a test member you think they would have drawn my nuber atleast once in about ten years of mebership.
I wouldn't give them 2cents to become a member. or NA Fisherman.
Life member here, good magazine.
Hoytinit and Stiks...Welcome to the site!!! Great to see new blood posting here...[up]
ive been a member for about 6 months and i love it so far...its great how they send you stuff to test in the field and you get to keep the item you test.

Did they ever really send you anything yet? I mean without sending you a bill?
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