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hey guys, i was looking in my mail awhile ago and i notice an envelope from north american hunting club. i open it to find out that i have won a life membership to the club. i called the number it said to call and they assured me that i won. i get a lifetime subscription to the magazines, win a vest, a gun cleaning kit, a cavas gun case and alot more. the had me fill out a form asking my vest size and what guage my gun is. they also sent me a life member feild testing form (regular members can do it too) and they said they are going to immediatley send me something to test...i put that i hunt deer, bear, rabbit, geese, and duck. im gonna give you guys some of that stuff since i dont hunt those animals much. ill just have you test them and then ill send the report to them. expect some free gear in the future. im just praying thats its not a scam but i dont think it is. my parents think its legit and i talked to people over the phone and they said its not a scam. and now im rambling on and on
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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