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Thanks Guys,Just as BHC stated, was in Z-4 near milbrook village(warren county) on the mtn.Early morning had 3-4 guys walk up & around me until 7:30.I was in my ground-blind facing down waiting for (them) to come up,when I looked to my left and caught him running down.He stopped,I put the crosshairs on him and at that moment he started running again.I whistled to(at) him but he wouldnt stop so I yelled down at him and then he stopped, turned slightly and looked at me.His last mistake.After the shot he ran shortly,colided w/a tree & fell over.Was pretty cold that morning, but after the shot, I kinda warmed up a bit :D Sitting there a while (5 min) I saw a hunter down below walking toward him, so I watched.He got 50-75 yds away & picked up his binos & looked at my buck,repositioned his gun & started toward him, so I grabbed my stuff and hurried down to him.When he saw me he new what the deal was,congratulated me, & was off again.After thanking the "man" upstairs & the guy was outta sight I had to do a celebration song & dance ;)Not bad for public-land.Looking him over I could see he was a fighter by the tears in his ears & some scars.One was almost torn in half, the other had 2 big tears in it.Brought him to the taximermist 2day and I am getting a full sneak done.I have a up-right, semi-sneak, and a euro so I think the full will look nice.Hope I didnt put any to sleep.

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