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No deer team?

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Anyone other then myself sign up but got no team?
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Email Bacs... maybe a typo....
maybe some other guys want to join to make another team.
Stealthy_Bowman, my over-sight. Take my spot on team #4.
Bacs, I can't do that. Thanks for the offer though!
cs, I can't do that. Thanks for the offer though!
Jules, yes you can. I don't want to win my own prizes anyway. I really shouldn't have been part of the contest since I'm sponsoring it, so if you don't take my spot team 4 will be one hunter short.
Thanks Bacs, but I feel really bad about you not being in it [sad]
Bacs, Your a true sportsman for doing that... You DaMan... On behalf of Team #10 ( till we get a name ) Thanks Bacs for this contest.
Bacs can be an alternate. I think a lot of folks signed up, but haven't made their presence known in a while.

Also - you have new NJH members that might want to be alternates.
wait it's only August 30th.... wasn't the list going to come out on the First of September?
pla makes a good point. A lot of guys that signed up for this contest haven't posted in some time.
Maybe give the guys a day or two to check in and if they don't, start merging team members that do check in. Just a sugestion.
If you need an extra, let me know
Scott you're on team 8

Team #8
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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