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No deer agian last night. I did see a Bobcat though.

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So I hunted Picatinny last night. The spot on the ledge I spoke about before.
Well I get to my spot ,get all settled and not 10 minutes later there he was. There are tons of chipmunks and squirrles by me. For about an hour I watched this Bobcat work up and the ledge stalking chipmunks and sqirrles. Afterabout an hour he is standing on top of a little knoll the pounces of the side and disapears. I see the cat a few minutes later climbing up the side of the ravine, 20 yards away with a chipmunk in its mouth. it was really neat to see.I'm pissed at myself because I left my camera at home. well after the the Cat caught its meal. Every squirrle and chimpunk went into alert mode and made so much noise I thought my ears were going to bleed.Not excatly conditions for seeing deer. oh well I got to see something I have never seen while on stand.
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We got a picture of one this year, and GunnyFern saw one chase a deer last week
BHC, It was a young Bobcat it was not nearly as big as the one my Pop caught a few years back. I guess the population is growing.
they are gorgeous !!!! Years ago while deer hunting in ROSCOE NY, one of the guys in our club got one
They are beutiful animals. I should post some pics of some of the animals pop caught while trapping. Ill have to scan em.
Let the state know. They are tracking the sightings. I hear if they get enough sightings they may open a hunt. They are already classified as a game animal in New Jersey.
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