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I've been thinking about adding a "hunt/fish swap" feature. What do you guys think?

Basically, person X would submit what they are offering, the location of their hunt, and what they are looking for in exchange.

Some examples:

Offering: A great little unknown trout fishing spot.
Location: Northern NJ
Looking for: A nice trout fishing spot down south

Offering: A used Matthews bow in good condition.
Location: Central NJ
Looking for: A good zone 14 bowhunting spot on private land for 3 days
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sounds good to me. i like it!
I have a couple of Panther Martins I would like to swap. 2 are still in the wrapper and the one I used is as good as new since no fish would hit it! I don't think I could get much for them but who knows??? :D
Sounds good to me.

That was a low blow... but funny of course.

I'm lookin' to trade my wife in for a good waterfowling spot.:D
Good Idea lets do it.
Hey VE I hunt barnegat bay and ocean city for ducks all the time always looking for more guys.. P.S. I will not take on any more women at this time ..:D
I'm lookin' to trade my wife in for a good waterfowling spot.
Got any pics???? ;)
I just fell off my chair..!!!!! OMG how did you get a picture of my wife??? [confused]
DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy do I have a water fowl spot for you!!! Of course you may never return from this hunt in the dangerous swamps of Jersey and I will have to comfort the widow for a looooooong time!!! ;)
You well I will throw in my wife all my hunting land my dog and what ever else you want. Just as long as I can keep her. :p
A tremendous IDEA, I can't remember were, but there was another web site, that had the exchange hunt and fish, and it was a big hit. Bring it on
Swap hunts was a good site. I did a gator hunt from there.
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