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I know that Yoda wants to get out the 10th with some of us, but I know Saturdays are better for most. Anyone interested should post a date that best fits their schedule, and also if you have property to hunt on with a few people or if you need a property to hunt.
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I am gonna talk to Shawn, cause we have alot of Properties the we can hunt, Maybe we can get on one of them
Thats not a Problem, Shawn and I can put you on the deer. Also have to see how many hunters we can take as well. If shawn comes on he can help me out here.
Whats going on Buddy!!! I would like to, but I only know spots you showed me, unless someone else wants to offer land. Help me out here! LOL [up]
I think imb21 and hkdonfishn have some place in mind.
Yes we do, We will let you know soon dates, time, and place
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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