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NJH Fluke Meet Up (Pix)

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35WHELAN & JerseyJim:

35WHELAN & JerseyJim:

35WHELAN (piebald fluke):

Ending of a great day:

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dawgs - we also tried calling you back... but no reply.

We ended up with 7 keepers. 2 other fish were exactly 16.5 inches... but we threw them back.
Looks like a good day of fishing. Don't know if you heard but the coast guard has just issued a statement that they will be fully enforcing the no fishing in those shipping channels everyone fluke fishes from. Theres an article in the asbury park press basically they stated

"Sandy Hook, Ambrose, Chapel Hill, Raritan Reach and Terminal channels are all on the prohibited list. These are the best fluke spots in the bay."

Fine can be up to $5000. Aparently a few morons would not heed to the big ships navigating the channels and now the coast guard is banning everyone.

drome - if that is true, its bull crap. Instead the Coast Guard should instead strictly enforce/issue tickets to boats that are being jerks.
First off...Rich and John it was great to meat you![up] My first ever fluke fishing trip turned out to be an awesome experience! It was a great day with a great bunch of guys! The weather was perfect, the water was calm and our captain put us on the fish all day!
Dragthor was unstopable yesterday! I think he caught more fish then the rest of us put together! He was even catching other peoples fluke! Drag sets the hook on a fluke fights it all the way in to the boat only to find that the fluke was actually hooked by 35whalen and drag had snagged his line! Whalen never even knew he had the fish! LOL! Yesterday I think Drag could have tied a rock on the end of his line and he still would have caught fish! It was just his day!
jrhunt and I spent most of our day netting fish for Drag, coming up with wise cracks about Drag and the 100 friggen fish he caught, getting sun burn and eating junk food! Everyone on the boat yesterday seemed to have a great sense of humor. We did a lot of laughing out there![up]
Our captain did a great job at finding the fish and is one hell of a nice guy![up] The biggest fluke was caught by 35Whalen (even though Drag snagged his line and reeled it in!)
If you can't tell by the rest of this post I HAD A GREAT DAY! It was great meeting JRHunt and 35Whalen and I look forward to other adventures with you guys! Drag it's always a pleasure to get togehter with you. I even got to meet Hkdonfishn and IMB21 at the bait shop on the way down...I look forward to meeting up with you 2 for some hunting and fishing too![up]
Thanks again guy's for a great day...I have to go put something on this sunburn now...OUCH! [mad]:D
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Glad it did the trick and you got home safe![up] I did get a little burnt yesterday! I'm frying some eggs on my shoulders as I type this!;)
Sounds like you guys had a great time. Me Ian and my son had a pretty good time as well on the SeaHorse. Very long day. My son 6 yrs old ended up catching 7 I lost count as to how many I got I only ended up with 2 keepers 1 of them about 3lbs. Ian did okay cought allot of fish in the start of the day and then he started to slow down on the fish kinda strange had the same bait fished right next to each other and his bite slowed down and my stayed. Well anyway I hooked into a Cow nosed Ray that they said weighed around 100-150lbs it pulled some line and then popped the 25lb leader I had on. Good fight for the 40 seconds it was on. Other then a little sunburn and being tired we had a great time. Hey it was good meeting you guys in the bait store and yeas we are still on for some bunnie hunting in November so you guys better practice.!![up]
Yesterday we could here the Coast Guard on the radio talking about the boats that would't get out of the way of the big ships....IDIOTS[down]
glad to hear you guys had a good time.
We did miss ya Woj... Rich told me I was in your corner of the boat and then I realized why I wasn't catching any fish! ;):D I had a good comeback the 2nd half of the day though catching quite a few fish and even one keeper...[up]
kinda strange had the same bait fished right next to each other and his bite slowed down and my stayed.
Tell me about it....Here we were all on the same boat, all using the same set ups with the same baits and Drag was pulling in twice or 3 times as many fish as the rest of us!
Glad to hear you guy's had a good day! Did you take any pics?
Tell me about it....Here we were all on the same boat, all using the same set ups with the same baits and Drag was pulling in twice or 3 times as many fish as the rest of us!
Maybe his hands were cleaner than the rest, do you guys smoke.

Well, glad to hear you guys caught some dinner. And as far as the new boating reg. They should just come down hard on those guys that don't give way, and fine the slobs. Upon registration of a power boat they should make it a rule that said boat have a copy of the rules and regulations on board the same as life jackets are required. Just my thoughts. But if your going to own a boat you should be required to take a safety course, such as the power squadron. It would make the sport safer and more enjoyable for everyone.
Hi Friends, it looks like you all had a great time. Sorry I missed the second flukethon[mad] I know you all had a great time. So nice to meet new friends!! as soon as I get done with some of this projects I have at home, we are going to make a date and go fishing on papi. Hopefully by then the stripers will be turn on again. That new ruling from the Cost Guard really SUCKS[down] We are all going to have to get involved and get this crap turn around again. Hopefully I will be able to get down to the Marina on Tuesday and I will be talking to all the Captains at Atlantic Highlands, I will keep you all inform, if they have something going. Tony
I think you have to have a boating safety course now in order to operate a boat. I got mine a few years ago and I rememeber the trooper telling us they are phasing in a plan to make everyone including the jet skiers get a boating safety certificate in order to operate the boat.
hey rich, what did you do without your binoculars for the nudie beach?
I had a great time with great guys. Drag was definatly the high hook.He caught so many he got blister from reeling them in. (No sympathy here). His line would hit the bottom and you would here FISH ON.
Thanks Rich for putting us on fish all day. Jim hows the sunburn?? John
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