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New Jersey Hunter Field Review of "Double Take Archery's Air Rest!"

Ive been testing the Air Rest, by Double Take Archery for about a month now and Im writing this review in hopes that it will help you decide if the "Air Rest" is the right rest for you and your bow.

To start, I tested the bow on a Reflex Xtreme, Hoyt Ultratec, and a Hoyt Xtec. I will include special notes below to explain the differences of how the rest performed on the different bows.

Reflex Xtreme specs:
Dual Cams (command cams without draw stops)
65# draw weight
27.5" draw length (no string loop)
7" brace height

Ultratec specs:
Excel Solo cam (w/draw stop)
61# dw
27-1/4" dl (w/string loop)
7-1/2" bh

Hoyt Xtec specs:
Cam&1/2 (hybrid cam with draw stop)
54# dw
27-1/8" dl
6-5/8" bh

The "Air Rest" was rather easy to setup, just as straight forward as most any rest. It sets up and is quite similar to the "Whisker Biscuit" without 'quickshot'. However, cutting your arrows and setting them up to consistently levitate is trickier than your average rest. You must start with the rest as far forward (towards the riser) as you can. Then without gluing it, install a special insert (inserts are provided with the rest) into the end of one of your arrow shafts. Draw the arrow back to see if it is the proper length to levitate. If it is too long, mark the shaft approximately 1" in front of the "Air Rest". Cut the arrow to that size and reinstall the insert (Don't use glue till the final adjustments have been made). If the arrow is too short, you can adjust the rest back (Towards the string) until the arrow levitates properly. I found that carbon arrows levitated best when cut exactly 1" in front of the rest.(No aluminum arrows were tested)

After you find the proper setup of arrow length and rest position, cut the rest of your arrows to match the test arrow. Epoxy the magnetic inserts into place. You are ready to tune.

Tuning was also pretty straight forward with the Air rest. It has white lines etched into the black body to help with incremental adjustment. Setting up the centershot was as simple as could be. I used a laser aligner to align the rest, checked it at full draw with an arrow shaft, and that was all I needed to do. It shot perfect centershot tears through paper out of every bow after that. The nocking point/rest height was a little more tricky to get setup. Don't get me wrong, the rest adjusts for height just as easily as it does for centershot, but you have to nock the arrow and hold it up by hand to imagine where it levitates to set the rest height. I found it easiest to align the middle of the air rest with the rest mounting hole(s) in the riser. Then set your loop or nocking points to be square with an arrow that lines up with the rest hole(s). Make further tuning adjustments with the rest, or with the nocking points. (I prefer to adjust the rest myself)

Accuracy was very good with the Air rest. Just as accurate, if not more accurate than the Muzzy Zero effect I tested two years ago, and the NAP QT4000 Drop-away I'm currently shooting. Fletching contact is non-existent because NOTHING touches the arrow upon full draw and release. (Arrows must be shot [no swearing please] fletch up for clearance.)

There is no noise with the Air-Rest, it comes with moleskin installed, covering the areas where your arrow may touch. It also fully encloses the arrow (like a whisker biscuit) so you have no worries about having your arrow fall off while hunting. You must nock the arrow by sliding the fletch end through the rest and onto the string, DONT try it the other way. I forgot once and that arrow attracted awful fast to the rest! I'm just glad it was a field point tipped arrow and not a broadhead!

By the way, the magnet that causes this rest to levitate the arrow is no sissy magnet. I mean this thing altered the picture on my television from a few feet away. It even has a warning for people with Pacemakers and other electronic surgical implants, it even goes so far as to warn of possible damage to computers, hard drives, floppy disks, cassette tapes, VHS tapes or credit cards. Don't think they are joking either, this magnet could suck a ten pound metal weight through a garden hose!

Individual bow results:

The rest shot best on the Ultratec. I believe this is because that bow has the most solid wall at full draw. It was also easier to set it up on that bow, though the tec riser on the Ultratec and Xtec do hinder backwards adjustment of the rest. This makes cutting the arrows to the right length even more critical.

The rest also shot well on the Xtec, however, I set this bow up with a slightly mushy wall, and if you don't have a consistent anchor, or overdraw the bow and then creep to your anchor, you may have trouble with the arrow sticking to the rest.

Like the Xtec, the Reflex Xtreme has a wall that's not as solid. Now this bow is perfectly timed, and has a solid wall for a dual cam bow, but there is always a little bit of "give" with dual cam bows, and this can cause problems with this rest. If you are not shooting the bow at the back of the wall, I cant recommend using this bow. I also cant recommend this rest for round wheel bows or for any bow where the archer doesn't have a consistent anchor or shoots from a soft wall.

String loop or no string loop, didn't seem to make a difference. I normally recommend loops, but if you want to shoot this rest without a loop, it will shoot just as well. (I did not test the rest with finger release, though I don't really consider this rest to be designed for use with fingers anyhow)

Overall, I think the Air Rest is a good solid arrow rest. I did feel as though it was slightly complicated to get the arrow length set, but if you are shooting a bow with a good solid back wall and you aren't happy with the cables, cords, plastic arms, etc, that link most dropaway arrow rest to the string or cable slide, this is your rest. It provides you the same contact free flight of a dropaway without the cords or cables that could snag on brush in thick woods and fail. This rest is as rugged as they come, and I'm keeping it on my Ultratec for now (till Sean makes me give it back) :D to see how it works for hunting. Hopefully I will be able to "field test" it on a big buck sometime soon. ;)

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I just saw this thread, and am glad someone else found out about this rest. I agree with everything said here.

Just thought I'd throw in that I'm using it on a Mathews Switchback (which doesn't have draw stops, but has a good hard back wall), and it is working great. I think I'm more excited to see what they come out with next year than I am the bow companies.

Also, I think the 6 free inserts with the rest is a limited time only deal right now, but maybe they've made it permanent. I haven't looked lately. The inserts are tough though. I've shot through a metal bar (accidentally of course :D) and there was no damage to the insert.

Also, using a 75 grain head and lightweight Blazer vanes, I have an FOC under 11%, so they aren't extremely heavy, but you will want to drop the weight of your head.

One more thing, if you cut your arrows too short accidentally, then you just slide the rest back a little bit. It doesn't have to be THAT exact, but of course the more forward the rest is, the more forgiving.

I also noticed a great speed increase (I think), but haven't been able to verify it yet because I don't have a grain scale to compare two arrows of the same weight, but it would make sense because the rest actually propels the arrow forward a little bit right at first. Maybe it jump starts it? Would be a good test for someone with the right equipment.

Hope this was helpful.

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A chronograph comparison would be helpful in determining whether it increases arrow speed at release.

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I dont have a chrono anymore....Otherwise I would have done a comparison. Good idea though....

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