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I am posting the rules again so everyone can review them again before the early season starts.

This is a "deer" contest not a "big buck" contest... everyone gets credit for shooting their deer, doe or buck, big or small, which-ever legal way they choose (bow, shotgun, muzzleloader, etc... motor vehicles not allowed ). Everyone will be regulated by the game limits and laws for New Jersey. Issues of QDM, P&Y or B&C scoring, deer densities, weight of deer, etc. do not apply. All deer must be harvested in New Jersey to be eligible for the contest.

5 points for a deer. Buck or Doe.
1 point for every point on a rack of 1 inch or more added to the 5 points.

Participant score will consist of 1 deer. If you shoot more than 1 deer you may upgrade your score by submitting the new deer, this will cancel out your previous deer.

To submit an entry a participant must include in the "Contest Entry Thread" post:

- your Screen & Team name
- buck or doe
- date harvested
- the number of tines that are longer than 1 inch (main beam counts), if applicable.
- a photo of himself/herself with the deer
- photo(s) with all scorable tines visable. If 1 inch tine is questionable supply a photo with a measurement against the tine for verification.
- a photo of legal NJ possession tag.

** If you have issues with scanning or posting your photos I would be happy to help you out or post them for you, just send me an E-MAIL. Any entry without the required photos will not be accepted.

Contest ends on 02/25/06 date (1 week after the late deer season ends statewide)

In case of a tie, the participants scores will be arranged in descending order, the scores will be compared in that order with the highest particiapant score indicating the winning team.

The highest scoring team will be recognized & each member will receive a $10.00 Gift Card to Cabelas.

Lastly... please remember this is for fun.
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