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Jim Stabile from the Daily Record writes:

Are mountain lions next as statewide menaces?

With bears not unusual around NJ, Morris County may checking in with something new - a mountain lion.

Don't start packing to move out of state because they were here before we were, this animal also known as a cougar or puma, could be a big long-tailed mountain lion that got away from somebody, like a Jackson Township Bengal tiger.

Mountain lions once lived throughout U.S. forests before settlers spooked them away, still live in the Everglades and the Northwest, and have been edging Eastward, according to roadkills and sightings as near as Michigan, where the Department of Natural Resourses disagrees with what people see when it comes to mountain lions.

So what was one doing on Pleasant Hill Road Thursday morning near the Mount Olive Chester Township border?

Danny Vnencak of Landing said his fiancee (who I haven't spoken to yet), suggested it might have been a coyote - they're all over - but she described it as being tan, having a long tail and moving like a cat. Bobcats are smaller and have very short tails.

Danny said she told him she had slowed down after an oncoming car flashed it's lights, then the cat came out of the woods edge and ran across the road. Anyone else seen one of the big cats? The Division which reported it has been receiving reports of big cat sightings in the area has no hard evidence, but said it could be an escaped mountain lion, which are legally sold in states where they are easily available as pets. Not in our state. A pet mountain lion was removed from a Hawthorne basement in 1999.

I would have put a link to the rest of his artical but as usual that anti-hunting paper didn't make it available on-line.....

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Like I had previously posted here before. I was told by a good source of a Mountain Lion, that had been seen on several occasions around the Tewkesberry township area. I spoke to a police officer from a nearby township, and he told me yes, that it was old news, that they did not want the word to get out.
Also keep your eyes open for the Chupacabras, that are multiplying rapidly is this state of ours. They are notorious for following hunters to their tree stands and waiting till you get settle. They will sneak up on you and scare the living sh-- out of you.
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