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Registration for 2009-2010 hunting season will begin at noon on September 1, 2009. For the 2009-2010 season it is expected that online hunting registration will be available at the following preserves:

Babcock Creek Preserve
Bear Creek Preserve
Bear Swamp at Red Lion Preserve
Blair Creek Preserve
Budd Lake Bog Preserve
Clarks Landing Preserve
Congleton Preserve
Crossley Preserve
Game Branch Preserve
Hamilton Preserve
High Rock Mountain Preserve
John's Woods Preserve
Limestone Ridge Preserve *
Long-A-Coming Preserve
Mountain Lake Bog Preserve
Pancoast Preserve
Papakating Creek Preserve
Penny Pot Preserve
Quarryville Brook Preserve
Retreat Preserve
Richard Buhlman Preserve
Sooy Place Preserve
Sweet Hollow Preserve
Thomas F. Breden Preserve at Milford Bluffs *
Wallkill Preserve
Warren Grove Bogs Preserve

*As in the past, a limited number of registrations will issued for hunting at the Limestone Ridge Preserve and the Thomas F. Breden Preserve at Milford Bluffs.

The Trust also allows deer hunting at the following preserves without the need for registration. Registration is not required at these preserves because of the Division of Fish and Wildlife's strong enforcement presence.

Allen's Woods Preserve
Barnegat Preserve
Black Acres Preserve
Lazarus Preserve
Mulhockaway Creek Preserve
Pleasant Mills Preserve

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send your $120 in for the towershoot at gibersons and stop being "funny" lol
whats da matter CAT got your tongue[kiss]

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I scored my Blair creek permit, and Quarryville Brook[up]

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Tight this month so I'm late this year[kiss]

Shit, i guess you make big money so pay for me to hunt whatever private land you are talking about.
Guess I should have said to join a club and stay in it. You would have stayed in your club had they not gotten rid of that property right?

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I scored my Blair creek permit,

My club is right around the corner from there.
My club used to hunt Blair creek, before Blair Academy sold it . I was posted at the base of the mountain on a drive and counted 7 Bears in one drive !
Nice piece of ground but the neighbors were always walking around the property.
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