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NJ Hunting Violations - December 8 - 13, 2003

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Does anybody know any of these guys/gals? Their names are listed under each violation description as you scroll down.
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I know of #34 heard about it at the time but wasnt sure if it was true,guess it was.
58. Raymond Deemer Jr. - Warren County I was there when it happened ( I was walking up when he was getting the ticket )We where on Privet Land too.
Nice site they have going over there![down] Too funny! I wish I had nothing better to do so I could look up tons of stats that would show how out of wack thier stats really are, but I need to actually WORK for a living so I guess they are on thier own!;)
Man...few guys are on there more then once. Either way its b.s. to list names like that.[down]
170,000 hunters and only 99 people charged (one charge was dropped) and some of the names were listed multiple times. Sportsmen are just that.....sportsmen, they posted the proof on thier own website!
Oh yeah. I know one of the trespassers. We had trouble with that guy trespassing on our land 20 years ago![mad]
Why shouldn't their names be listed?They're VIOLATORS aren't they?Real good for a sport that's fighting to stay in existance.We have enough trouble with anti's let alone try to hide violators,they make the paper,next time they might think twice.Yea right.[mad][mad][mad]
I agree, you break the law your name should known to the public. We have enough problems with non hunting people hating us and our sport. They should be fined, and hunting licenses taken away for at least 2 years if not more
i know # 45 and he hunts on my uncles property in readington nj- 70 yr old man who was sitting in his tree stand and he forgot to put his orange on - fish and game happened to come on the property and gave him a ticket- he learned from his mistake and will not leave the truck without the orange on
This info is public info. The federation news letter use to have articles from CO's catching offeneders. I liked reading that. Anyone know why it was omitted? Up in Maine, these names would be on the front page of every newspaper and even on the news!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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