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NJ Hunter Harassment Statutes

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Great info to have. Print it out and put it in your license holder! Write the F&W law enforcement numbers on the back.
Every hunter should carry this when they go out. Not that we should have to, but there are so many anti-hunters in the state your bound to run into a few every year. Especially withn the bear hunt set to take place again. I've heard too many stories from friends about how vicious the anti-hunters can be, yelling, screaming, even getting physical (so I've heard). That's just my two cents though.
Great post Drag!!!!!![up]
The only problem with these laws, as was explained to me last year by a co-worker who is a NJ F&W Deputy Game Warden, is that unless the harrassers are (1) witnessed / caught in the act by a NJ F&W Game Warden or (2) witnessed / caught in the act by a local/state police officer OR (3)you capture the act on video tape or film, prosecuting these cases is very difficult for hunter harrassment cases and results in few convictions. [sad]
Exactly, Outlaw. I've called the CO's after the local PD refused to get involved on a WMA. No pics, no names, I can't legally detain them, all I can do is give up my hunt, follow them (maybe) to their car, and get a plate #.
and if you read the statute carefully the state can charge them with a misdameanor, and YOU have to hire a lawyer and sue them if you can prove damages, (cost of a tag, etc.) but NO punitive damages.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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