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Went to Asbury Park last month to turn in a Scrap Rifle the line was so long I gave up, THen Freehold just had one Saturday, Nov 27, 2021, 8 am -4 pm 5 people inline took 1 Hour start to finish. cash offered went down $100 pistols $25 Rifles Shot Guns My 22 Cal was Scrap so I took the $25 Gladly, :)
However, if you saw the Firer Arms being turned in you would Cry as I did. People that inherited them had no Ideas on Values, And The Police & Sheriffs there gave no hint just gritted and took them in. Example Side by Side Shotguns like new A Pristine Condition High power Bolt action Rifle AND A SCOPE attached :oops: New Muzzleloaders, I mentioned to A lady say 65 yo do you know what that Side By Side is worth she did no give a Rats ass did not what to bother putting on Consignment in a Gun Shop. She Stated old guns are not worth anything, 馃ぃ

So much for no questions asked as they Computer Checked every Pistol before handing over the Cash My Rifle just haded me the Cash That is why the 1 hour the ones ahead of me had pistols
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