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NJ Bear Scouting

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Its official. I started my scouting for a bear hunting spot today. I placed out my trail camera.

I found two freaking ticks on me.
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Remember Drag you have to ask the DEP for a permit to pull them off of you.

Did you find any trax?
I only saw deer and turkey tracks in the mud. The woods are really thick now.
I am going to have to start scouting. I haven't been into the woods since February. Granted I live in the woods, but I'm going through withdrawl.
Dragthor,one little can of sardines in front of your camera will work well for bringing them in.Hope they dont destroy your camera,cause they will.
Or go to a Dunkin Donuts after the close and get all the donuts they throw away. I was going to do that last year when my brother worked there. He used to throw away 3-4 garbage bags worth of donuts a night.
Mpemt24, do you have to go in the dumpster to get them, or do you ask them for the bags right before they close? Not that Im above dumpster diving, but it would be nicer to grab them from the guy carrying them out...:D

That would be very helpful for my bear-bow-hunt in NH....though I dont know of ANY Dunkin-Donuts up there where I'll be....I could always fill up my pickup bed before I make the 6 hour trip though. :D

By the way, mount the trail camera HIGH in a tree aimed down on an angle at the bait, otherwise they will gnaw the thing into pieces, like someone mentioned.[mad][down]

Dragthor, where are you planning to hunt the bears?
There are some public lands crawling with big bears within 5 min. of your house. The one spot was my backup location in '03. Big ole beaver-swamp/lake/powerline on the backside of a WMA, the division trapped a (620 pounder---if I recall correctly) out of there a number of years back...but he wasnt the only one...;)
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No need for me to scout for bears, they are a dime a dozen in my hunting area
The anisette works as does Sambuca placed out in the same way. We did the 'buca last year at camp and had 4 or 5 regulars over a few week period. We took the fifth of Sambuca and poured it in a circle around our apple trees.
I feel bad "messing" with the bear right now regarding food and such. I just want to leave the bear alone... hopefully catch one walking by.
Wish they would outlaw baiting of deer
Why?? everyone uses bait. If you outlaw bait then you can't use SEX scents, food scents, food plots, bait sites, and decoys. Baiting lets you get a relaxed animal and you can wait for the perfect shot. Baiting is a great management tool for any huntable game.
Matty, I guess you could ask the guy for the bags of donuts. Although they may charge you.
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