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For the hunters hunting for bears here in NJ in 10 days, but have never hunted bears before, the vitals on a bear are somewhat lower and further back then on a deer, but if you aim for the general location as you do for a deer your OK there. Also if you do shoot a bear, and he runs off, don't just listen for the crash to the ground, but also listen for the DEATH MOAN, 99% of the time a bear will give this moan, and he is expired. Don't jump on the trail of bear to quick, a deer will bed down, a bear will keep going, till it dies. ALWAYS LISTEN FOR THE DEATH MOAN & if you hear it, then start to SMILE :D

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For those of you not familiar with a death moan: place hand on counter top. Have you child strike it sharply with a hammer while there is a tape recorder going.

Replay the tape slowly.

The part just before "SONOFA*****" is what to listen for :D
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