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NJ 2004-2005 Deer Harvest Report

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Did we post/talk about this already? Lots of doe whacking.
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I'm all for harvesting antlerless deer, but come on guys its getting out of hand. The state wanted these deer harvested and we did it, the goal has been met. It's the private and closed lands where we can't hunt that there are too many deer. We don't see the number of deer like we have in past, I can remember back during the 80's all of the 90's seeing 30-40 plus deer aday with good bucks running around. Whats been going on with this unlimited antlerless crap isn't harvesting in my eyes, it's killing, and to top it off we have enough problems with these tree hugers, anti-hunters, they love to see us driving home with numerous deer so they can take pictures and then use it against us and the sport we all love!!!! I hunt one of the most limited zones there is, zone 4 and it's down 218 deer. Take 1 or 2 antlerless for the freezer allow the rest to walk, so they can reproduce.
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I am also in favor of limiting the anterless deer take. It all comes down to MONEY! The more permits sold the better the state looks. I also hunt Pa. they are having the same problems . The deer gather in pockets on private land and when the seasons are over they move.That is why they say more deer need to be taken. Limit the number ofdoes being shot and the herd will increase.
You definately see deer herding up on private property during the gun season. This past winter bow I saw a herd of about thirty deer just out of range on my property...I happen to be fortunate enough to live in a large neighborhood where deer like to congregate during the gun season and into the winter. I haven't hunted public land yet so I am not seeing the decrease in the numbers of deer yet. Also I have only been in the game for a few years so I cant refer back to the good old days of seein thirty to forty plus deer a day. But if the numbers are declining too much a management plan must be installed for antlerless harvests. Seperate plans for seperate zones and maybe even seperate plans for private/ public lands depending upon the condition of the herd in each area.
There are too many seasons with too many different weapons! Regardless of how many weapons you use or permits you buy there should be a limit on how many deer a year you can take. 4 seems to be a realistic number. 4 will feed the average family for a good chunck of the year. 3 would even be a good number. It gives you a chance to take 1 with each weapon if you choose to do it that way...
i like the laws when i started hunting...2 deer your choice.

i hate the unlimited doe harvest rule. to be quite honest i p [no swearing please] up does often and STILL harvest 4-5 antlerless deer a year. WHY? because i can. but i wish i couldnt, WHY? becasue i wouldnt.:D sometimes i cant help myself. i normally let the does walk until they notice me. if they circle me then wind me it becomes a bigger challenge so i go for it. otherwise they live for at least another 75 yards when they cross the next hunter in the woods. sometimes i feel if i dont shoot em someone else will so why not get the practice?[confused]

if the state didnt allow this there would be no problem. its the gun hunters fault. they complained that the bowhunters shoot all the nice bucks early season and leave them nothing. correct me if im wrong but the biggest bucks ive ever seen harvested were during shotgun 6day. and now they wanna make it even longer...saturday - saturday. the one thing i hope passes if they keep the earn a buck is that you can bank your doe from fall bow and use it for permit bow.

take it upon yourselves ... im thinking if when i see a doe to make her see me. this will smarten her up for the next hunter in the woods.;)
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Last Night on channel 12, "SIR CZAR" CAMPBELL even said that we have a deer problem on lands that can't be hunted.....I see many many deer in WEST PATERSON, and when I goto the woods to hunt I don't see the numbers like I use too
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