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nightstalker911's photo gallery

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Great looking bucks! Those first 2 look like swamp deer with those dark racks![up]
Yup...or nocturnal... the antlers never see the sun!
nice deer...either those deer lived in a thick swamp or heavy thick pine area
Yep, they are Jersey swamp deer.And some people say there ain't no big deer in the Jersey pines! It took me almost 6hrs to get each one of them out on 2 separate days. That's 12 hrs. of draggin'. The water was deep enough at times to float a boat. I think the antlers were dark from rubbin' on some old burned out pine trees.
By the time gun season comes around, biggin's like these guys are totally nocturnal. Even though were I was, they probably never saw many ( if any ) humans. But somewhere in every forest there is a calendar posted with all the deer seasons marked on it. How else would they know when to hide !
All are quality deer. I really like the tall one on the left!!
Burlington County. The high racked one scored 123 6/8
but only weighed 112lbs. He's one of the 2 big deer in the deer cam picture.
beautys! now...the name nightstalker...i take it you took these deer while stalking them at night, correct?;)
Negative, got that nickname by being the top shooter on the night fire courses with the PD.:D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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