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I've been reading forums for about a week now and thought, this is pretty cool, let me get involved. My backround is simple, hunting with bow and gun for just about 25 years. Love the bow more than any other style of hunting. Started with the m-loader when Jersey made it legal to hunt with. Have shot my share of venison over the years. Live and hunt in Zone 8. Look forward to talking to you all.
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Welcome to the boards jafgasa[up]

How has your season been so far?
welcomoe aboard jafgasa!

Live and hunt in Zone 8.
where in zone 8? I'm in 8 as well.
Shot the required doe by 7:30am on the opener, have been very selective has far as shooting wood. Only been out two time since, but have seen a lot of scrub bucks. Nothing like what was at the feeder in August yet. Hoping to climb this afternoon after work, and give it a good day tomorrow.
Live in Readington, mailing address is Lebanon.
good hunting there. i know it well.
Don't need to say anymore than that. Fortunate to have neighbors who don't mind me posting in their backyards, and whom appreciate a good deer steak.
i've hunted off railroad ave in whitehouse and school road as well.
Welcome aboard. Glad you're here.

Welcome to the site jafgasa!!!![up] Glad you liked what you saw here and decided to join in!!! If you ever need a hand killing some of those zone 8 deer you just let me know!!!;)[up] I'm just here to help! :D
welcome speak your mind, i do :p
welcome speak your mind, i do
He sure does... Boy does he..
Just getting back to all that welcomed me aboard, thanks.
Did well Saturday with banking a doe, and a nice big one at that.
Went to the favorite stand that I kind of save for when its time to shoot a buck. First light had a small basket 6pt walk right by. After that it was a good herd of 11 big doe...These are the deer that get you busted when mister big comes by. They all seemed on edge regardless all of the scent lok everything I use. They fed around me and I took the last one who had that evil eye on me from the very first time I seen her. A good lung shot sent her about 50 yards and to the butcher. Hunted the evening off the portable in a different part of the neighborhood and seen a nice buck with white tips out of range. (Hope I didn't bore anyone with the story...., my wife is tired of hearing it)
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Wanted to get back to wojtowicza. Railroad ave is about 1 1/2 miles from me. I'm on a dirt road opposite Mountain Ave on 22W.

TITUS, I guess your uncle butts up to Merck. You must know the benefits of that, I do...
Hope I didn't bore anyone with the story
I could read this stuff all day!!![up]
Welcome aboard enjoy and speak freely jafgasa!
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