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Hey guys. Been lurking for a while, just registered. I deer hunt a few places in NJ, Monmouth cnty, Sussex cnty, Warren cnty. Some public, some private. Seems like a great site.
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Has anyone here in Jersey been to Cabela's yet? If not you don't know what your missing!!!!
thats the greatest place, when it first opened up, i was there every weekend for two monthes
when i lived in pa i was about a half hour away
I spent around 2000 the first month i was there. I got more things that i dont use, but just wanted to say i have it. funy huh.
if you never been there, plan on staying there for at least 3 hours, cause it will take you that long just to look at all the mount, gun museum, aquarium, and all the other stuff they got there
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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