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New to the site

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Hey guys. Been lurking for a while, just registered. I deer hunt a few places in NJ, Monmouth cnty, Sussex cnty, Warren cnty. Some public, some private. Seems like a great site.
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I havent been there yet, but I was at the Gander Mountain in Middletown NY.

If its much better than that, I may have to have security guards come with me and prevent me from spending all my money and going ape.

My brother is in the USMC and while he was doing some training in MO a few years ago, he visited the B [no swearing please] Pro Shop Headquarters, said it was absolutely amazing. Only had a certain amount of time off the base, but he said he could have walked around for days! They'd probably find me hiding amongst the full body mounts somewhere after closing. :D
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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