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New NJH Search Feature/Option Added

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You can now perform a Google search/query against in addition to the "traditional" site search.

Just click on the Search link in the top menu navigation.

You can also click on Search on the main page favorites menu.
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Wow thanks Drag. Your always coming up with new additions. Maybe we should start a thread on a wish list of the things you want to see on NJ HUNTER.COM :D
Remember NOBODY is ever happy. Keep up the Great work !!
Thanks nightstalker911.

I like to keep this site free from being "bloated" with features that slow things way down.

I like to keep things fast, simple, and easy.
Yeah, this site is perfect, I cant see a need for anything else on it. Its my new favorite site. I dont even really check the others anymore. I used to go on Eders, Archery Talk,, etc...Who needs em all....

....I just leave my computer with this site up, and come visit whenever I get a chance![up]

Im so glad you made this site Dragthor!!![up]
Thanks Matty. Why don't you send in some photos? :D
Yeah, I will....I just hate seeing my ugly mug staring back at me.:eek::D
when my wife sees me on the computer she always asks, what your on again?!?!
Drag, I just tried to send photos twice. Failed both times to your email addy.[confused]

Maybe Im trying to send too many at once.[confused]
I got some that you sent Matty. Is that your brother in Iraq?
Yes, thats my brother Andy. (Lcpl. in the United States Marine Corps)[up]

Hes not in Iraq anymore, he's actually in Police Academy right now. I believe that pic was taken with some Iraqi guys just outside of Baghdad, but I could be wrong. When my brother gets home I will try to remember and ask him. He said so many of them are happy to see Americans, and really were glad we were coming to rid them of tyranny and oppression![up] Little kids would chase them down the street waving US flags, and holding signs supporting us.

He has quite a few photos from Iraq, when I get a chance I will scan some more interesting ones in, and send them to you.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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