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New Jersey State record Musky released

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This fish was caught and released last Oct. from greenwood lake, It was believed to be a state record but the fortunate angler released her anyway
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42.13 is the record...It may be close! Nice musky.[up]
42.13 is the record...It may be close!
Looks like 46 to me.:)
What a FISH!!!!!![up][up]
You are all right as far as the state records weight being 42lb.s13oz.
Believe in or not that fish is 57" long and I'm not sure of it's girth but you can clearly see that it is fat.
And no it's not my fish. Wish it was.
I knew there was a reason I was afraid ti swim from my boat in Greenwood Lake when I was a kid. Nice fish.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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