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New Hunter Seeks Club to Help Teach

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I want to start hunting but I didn't grow up with it like most people. Most of my hunter buddies don't go any more or have a close knit group of people they go with and so I was hoping to maybe join a club that will take me in under it's wing. Is this the way to go about learning or is there a better way? If any one knows of a good club please let me know.

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Hey there Sam.. welcome to the boards. First off, where do you live? Second what kind of hunting are you into? Third, well, I dont have a third, LOL
I live in Bergen County, NJ. I'm not really into any kind of hunting yet as I'm a true green horn but I'd like to try pheasant hunting first then maybe try larger game.

Thanks for your reply
Well there are plenty of people on here that pheasant hunt, just ask anything you wanna know and you will get an answer, but be patient cause Archery season is here and most of us are hutning, and might not be able to respond right away.
How do I get started pheasant hunting beyond the getting a license, safety course, etc.? I know that seems like a broad question but I'm starting from nothing.

For pheasant hunting you need:
- a shotgun (12 or 20 gauge) & ammo (bird shot)
- a NJ firearms hunting license
- and a pheasant stamp if you want to hunt a stocked WMA
- flourescent orange hat & vest
Sam, how old are you? If you are under 16 you can sign up for the youth pheasant day and hunt with a mentor. If older, contacted a commercial hunting preserve. You don't need the pheasant stamp and they will take you out with a guide and dog.
I'm 27. Not quite qualified for the youth day. However, a commerical hunting preserver will do the trick. Do you know of any reputable ones in the area?

I recommend Bent Creek Peserve in Center NJ were there 2 weeks ago, nice people and great guides.
I want to try J&G Preserve in Hackettstown. Give them a try. I will probably join them when I get my pup.
you should go to a local hunting store such as meltzers or ramsey outdoors and get this hunting magazine call a tells you how to get started and in the back of it has a full page or two of hunting preserve adds. it has the rules and regs., what game is omseason,etc... reely very helpful...if you can you should reely get one! [up] and by the way, WELCOME TO THE SPORT OF HUNTING!!!!!![up]
Ibrahim, Im 29 and was in your position last year when I decided to get into hunting for the first time. Before I got my new jersey hunting license, I went to a couple of preserves in PA, you dont need any kind of license for them, and they give you an idea of what upland hunting is like. I found them not only to be a fun time, but observing the guide and dog was quite the education. (You do need a hunting license or hunter education card to go to a preserve in NJ, if I'm not mistaken)

I dont have a dog, and my girlfriend is allergic to them, so my prospects are not good. Nevertheless, I think I may have success on the days that the WMAs are stocked. I dont think the lack of a dog will prevent me from filling a 2 bird limit.

I have an excell spreadsheet that lists all of the game preserves in NJ, eastern and central PA, delaware, and Maryland, the prices, guide fees, $/hunter, $/2 hunters, game processing fees, etc. If you want, I can email it to you.

At any rate, good luck. You are more than welcome to come along with me if you like. Cant make any guarantees as I am learning as well.
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Murray, I would like to check out that spead sheet. My email is [email protected]
I too would love for someone to teach me more about bow hunting.. I'm really into it and i have no one to help me.. My brother would but he has been very busy this year. Can anyone help?

Everyone be nice to Huntingoddessox , I told her to come to this site that this is a great place for a beginner to get some connections.
Welcome to the site Huntingoddessox! I'm sure you will be able to find the help your looking for here! There is a great group of hunters and anglers here!! Good luck and welcome again! [up]
Jersey Jim thanks for the greet. I hope to find what i am lookling for on this site... JRhunt thanks for everything...
Huntingoddessox - where do you live in NJ? North, central, or south?
Meliss I am in south jersey. need a new hunting partner this year.I mostly hunt public land though.
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