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new guy in town

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Guy's found a new guy in landing new jersey has a graet rep. with the fisherman and now he is getting into our stuff right now he orders must things but he gets them in one day and he already has corn $5.99 A BAG EASTLINK CUSTOMS IS THE NAME 973-770-8318
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Thanks Sandman and Welcome to the board.
I have been to Eastlink a couple of times. I droped off some business cards with him to hand out. he has a good little shop over there. I will be ordering somethings from him soon. Does anyone know if he logs onto the site at all??
How about an address? or do you have to make an appointment.;)
He is at 206 landing rd landing just off of exit 28 on rt 80 and the bags are 50 lb but he delivered them to me:D
nick here thanks guys just wanted to say hi
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