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New deer/bear rifle

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Last week a bought a marlin lever action .45-70 for deer/bear. I took it to the range yesterday to break in the barrel and begin sighting it in... and see how bad the kick is. Many people told me I won't be able to shoot more than 10 shots a day because the kick is so bad and I can't mount a scope on it unless I want the infamous half moon eyebrow. HOGWASH!!

The gun isn't that bad to shoot... actually, it was kinda fun... then again I'm 6'2" and 250lbs. Over the course of 2 hours, I shot off 40 rounds and it didn't hurt, and I'm still not feeling it today. The gun is surprisingly accurate too. I was shooting 1/2" groups at 50 yards with the irons... granted that's not too far but for a brand new gun that I'm not used to, I was happy... by november, I'm hoping to be doing that at 75 with the irons and 150 or 175 with the scope. As a goof, I shot at a plastic bottle laying in the field at 175 yards. My first shot was low so I compensated and nailed it with my second shot. That sucker flew 6 or 8 feet in the air and about 30 feet back... 405 grains will do that I guess.

I can't wait for maine!![up]
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the .45 -.70 was a great round back in the day. You can take any North American game with that round...Good luck with it.
Thanks man. I'm hoping to cook up a hand load that will shoot a little flatter than the factory ammo... with the weight of the bullet and powder in the store bought bullets, they has the trajectory of a football.:p
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