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Brand new cannon unitroll 6 downrigger all cast!! heavy duty downrigger with line counter. prespooled with 150 foot of stainless cable. I also have 2 pedistal bases for a cannon, one is 6 inches that costed me like 60 bux the other is a 12 inch base that was like 67 bucks, u can cut the 12 inch down to a 6 inch base or make them both like 10 inches or what ever it comes out to. the bases I will sell as a pair only for 70 bucks and the downrigger is 170, or I will make a great deal for 200 for everything I want a new easitroll downrigger I diont need something this heavyduty. so if someone has a new easitroll in white maybe we can make a deal if u needa heavier downrigger, located in flrmington. prices are firm its a hell of a deal for a new rigger, cheaper plastic models sell for this much.

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