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New antler growth in NJ

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Just pulled these pictures today .


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Yes we are Drag ! I am not in it of course but the contest is still on . We have two contest running now .

1 ) Best captioned trail cam pic . Just a funny saying about your picture . Like if two deer are looking at each other , title the picture as WASSSSSSSUPPPPPPP . Something liek that .

Best captioned picture wins a Remote Slave flash kit . Would be a great addition to your 360 unit .

2 ) Best velvet buck picture . Not the biggest buck but the best all around picture . Back drop ect . That prize is a top of the line Digital trail camera from . Around the $700 range .

Both contests can be from any trail camera store or home made . As long as it is not from a video camera or hand held camera . The best velvet must be time stamped from this spring .

D-380 . Not sure but I think the flash and shutter will line up with your 360 so you can just switch the camera out . If you have the PIX LE then just change the dip settings , If you have the UNI you will need a new chip .

1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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