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Neighborhood - Unloaded Shotgun & All Camo

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Recently I found an area with some gobblers. I cross thru state land in order to hunt in the Rockaway River WMA. However, I have to park along a neighborhood street and walk past about 4 houses before entering state land at the end of the street.

Its legal. But I do not want to upset the residents when they see me walking down the street with an unloaded shotgun.

Any suggestions?
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I believe you better see them see it. Otherwise it is a concealed weapon. Unless your transporting it in it's case. They might be used to it.

When I was 14 my father borrowed a bouble barrel 12 for me. The next day I was returning it around the block, uncased but broken to show it wasn't loaded. Walked 10 yds in front of a parked cop and just kept walking. This was on 1/4 mie from a park, but it was around 1970 also.
Hey Drag,
I have a book by Evan Nappen (in the game law books) buy it you will be surprised at the laws this state has. Did you know it's illegal for a young man under 18 to buy fixed blade razors to shave his face. Neither did I till I read his book. This state will have you afraid to leave your house if you read it. The laws they p [no swearing please] why we are sleeping is incredible.

Till our trails cross,

Drag let me know what days your going out... I'm gonna call the cops and tell them there is a Rambo looking guy running around the neighborhood with a gun screaming and cursing!:D Remember the Helicopter you saw with the guy hanging out with the gun? This time they really will be looking for you! LOL!
If its public hunting land, don't you think they would be used to hunters walking into it? If not maybe they should get used to it.
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