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Hi. I am a new member and I joined after google searching "moose spotted in new jersey circa 1995" it led me to this site. There was a post from here from I think 2012 about a moose in NJ.

When I was a kid, (not my imagination) I saw a moose in front of my house in union county NJ. It was around 7am we were getting ready to go to school, and we saw it out of our bay window. The only other person to see it was my older (now ex) step sister. It was following a cat and the cat jumped over my neighbors fence, and so did the moose. I never saw it again.

No one has EVER believed me. I know what I saw. I have come across random articles tonight that there was in fact a moose spotted in new jersey that year. However, it was spotted 40 miles away from where I saw it. It was even published in a book and apparently all over the radio and newspapers but I can not find a thing other than the book "the heartland."

If you have ANY information, any at all please post it here. It comes up in conversation every once in a while and I just want my husband to believe me.
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