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I am currently using a Highlander Sports Photo Spy Camera. It takes great still pix with an infra red flash. I want to get a another camera that takes video clips. Any advice ?
Criteria :
Video clips
infra red flash
B&W photos are ok
Removeable flash card
I checked out the RECON OUTDOORS TALON EXTREME. It looks great on paper, but when I went to their web site and checked out their sample video clips, they looked like jerky still pictures blended together.
Does anyone know if they take good SMOOTH video clips ? Any other suggestions that meet the above specs.I feel it's better to ask then to invest and regret :(
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check with double lunger about video scouting cameras
If you have any questions about trail cameras, try they have message boards that you can ask any questions, and these people on this site really know what they are talking about. They have helped me out several times in the past. Good luck!!
I called Recon Outdoors. Seems that the sample videos are only choppy on their web site. In actual use they are as smooth as a regular video. They even e-mailed me a video clip, and it was not jerky at all. So it looks like it's time to get out the old check book :D
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