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Beaverkill, How much are you looking to spend?
If your serious about videoing your hunts a 3CCD chip camera is what you want. Mini DV is by far the standard today also,I'm not sure you'll want to use this camera for family stuff and hunting though.

Cannon makes a couple of good ones as well as Sony.. I own the Cannon GL2 and use it to video my own hunts. You can exspect to go for 2 to 4 grand for a real good quality camera. If your not as serious or don't want to commit that kind of scratch,for 5 or 6 hundred you can get a good one but it will still pale in comparison to footage quality.

As for a camera arm I own a few including the Gorilla which I found kind of large and the head isn't smoothe enough for my taste. The best Ive found so far for size and price is to take a Realtree EZ hanger either the 2 or 3 fold large one. I attach a Caddy clip I get from work. It's a small light beam clamp, then to the clamp you can attach any head you want. You can spend 25 dolars or 400 dollars. The overall size is much smaller than any you'll find on the market.

Good luck, Mark
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