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neck knife

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saw this on another site I goto and wanted to share it. It looks nice and simple to make... I'm going to try and make one tomorrow, when I get back from the Doc's
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I you do plan on actually wearing it than get a sheath that locks the knife into it and can't be cut through.(use a liner). I can just imagine falling down or getting tangled in something and having that blade popping out of the sheath the way it is. Good luck with your project.
here it is... My first BroadHead knife.
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Hey Sal,how ya doin?I've been making neck knives for about a,easy to make.Been making them from files and skill saw blades.Starting to work on a throwing knife.If you are into primitive Blk Powder and rendezvous,Dixons gun fair is this Fri thru Sun.All kinds of seminars and vendors,great fair.Griz
where is it at? what town? I just cut the antler down about 2" feels better in my hand.

So Griz what do you think of my first neck knife? I want to make a knapped stone knife next.
Sal,Kempton Pa.Exit 40 off of 78.Kunkle Mills Rd.Nice knife,good fit from handle to blade.They have a knife making seminal there,thats what got me started.Learned how to melt pewter and tin for the bolster between the blade and handle and also for the the butt plate.This is really a good fair.they also have a encampment where people dress the period.Try Dixon Muzzleloading Shop Inc.Com see if it comes up.They should have a schedule of events on their site.I'm into this rendezous thing dress the dress etc.Do the longhunter and Mt.Man thing.Griz
kool I'll try it.. I have a smokepole T/C Renegade .54cal sidelock and one of these days I'll get a flintlock, I also would like to have a muzzleloader shotgun too. I made a small bag out of a rabbit to carry some stuff when I Powder hunt.
That looks pretty cool Mystic..I have a ton of antlers how did you do it..
I have a old antler set that broke so I used one side of the rack. I took a magnus II 2-blade (A.K.A. Nugnet blade) and hot melted it to the tine. first off I stuck the point into the bh and used a pencil to make it, to see how deep. Then I took a file and filed it down so I had about 1 3/4" to 2" in the BH. then heated it up (BH, hotmelt, and antler) and stuck then together. DONE...
I went out to the Mt.Bethel gun show Sunday,lots of Blk.Powder shotguns for sale,i was looking for a double flintlock all they had were percussion.Prices were right,from $150 up.Next Mt.Bethel show Oct 8.Lots and lots of blk.powder guns at Dixons.Griz
Here it is with the sheath I just made
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I like the idea of a flint nap knife.

I'll try and bring some flint back from the Hill Country.

With all the flint down there I should buy a flintlock!
true you could even try a knap out some arrow heads too. Let me know if you get any please.
Sure - I'll pack a few chunks in my case.
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