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TUNKHANNOCK – Last year snow covered with a layer of ice hampered the hunters who participated in the Northeast Regional Coyote Hunt, resulting in a harvest of 21 canines – one of the lowest since the annual hunt began in 2000.

click image to enlargeRamon Yale looks over the weighed coyotes at the annual Northeast Regional Coyote Hunt.

Aimee Dilger/The Times Leader

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Coyote hunt by county
A breakdown by county of where the 53 coyotes were taken during this weekend’s Northeast Regional Coyote Hunt:

Wyoming – 12

Susquehanna – 8

Luzerne – 7

Sullivan – 7

Wayne – 7

Lackawanna – 6

Bradford – 4

Pike - 2

This year, the weather helped. Mild temperatures, bare ground and dry conditions resulted in a harvest of 53 coyotes during the three-day hunt, which wrapped up on Sunday with a final weigh-in at the Triton Hose Company. The harvest was the second-highest in the hunt’s history (56 coyotes in 2010), and the 817 hunters that signed up represented the second-highest total.

“There’s no wind, no snow and no ice and the temperature is in the 40s. You would never expect this for February,” said Bill Kalinauskis, director for District 9 of the Pennsylvania Trapper’s Association – the organization that holds the yearly event. “The conditions were great for guys using calls and those hunting with dogs. The weather just made it easier on everybody.”

Hunters paid a $25 registration fee and a $100 prize was awarded for each coyote taken during the three-day hunt. A $250 prize was handed out for the heaviest coyote taken each day, and a $2,000 grand prize was awarded on Sunday for the heaviest coyote overall.

Bill Corry, of Chester County, won the top award with a 51.70-pound male coyote he shot on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in Sullivan County.

“I went out on Saturday and used rabbit calls and coyote calls and saw nothing,” Corry said. “I went to the same spot this morning and used fawn bleats, and after 20 minutes he came up 100 yards away.”

Sixteen hunters bagged their coyotes using calls, but the bulk were taken with dogs. Bill Moore, of Bloomsburg, used dogs to bag a 39.95-pound male coyote on Sunday morning in Sullivan County. Moore said conditions would’ve been better with a light snow cover to aid in tracking, but he didn’t complain about the mild temperatures.

“It sure beats being out there in cold and deep snow,” Moore said.

While this year’s harvest was the second-highest in the hunt’s history, Moore said he believes coyote numbers are lower in areas.

“There’s more people hunting and trapping them. Everyone knows they’re here,” he said. “For years nobody had a clue about coyotes.”

Kalinauskis said an increase in fox populations are an indicator that coyote numbers are lower. Coyotes will prey on foxes and chase them out of their territory.

Still, Kalinauskis said coyote populations are far from threatened.

“There’s no shortage. We’re never going to get rid of coyotes no matter what we do,” he said.

To be eligible for the hunt, coyotes must be harvested over the three-day period (Friday through Sunday) in Bradford, Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming, Lackawanna, Pike, Luzerne or Sullivan counties. District 9 uses the hunt as its only fundraiser of the year, and the proceeds are used to fund a variety of conservation education programs and a trapper training school that the organization holds each summer.

“Coyote hunting is popular and guys just like to get and hunt this time of year,” Kalinauskis said. “This has grown to the point where it’s the only fundraiser we need for the year.”

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I have been hunting them in Northern Morris County but on President’s Weekend I will try Warren County

Once the season ends here in NJ I am thinking of hunting them in PA.

They should have cubs by then and should be in a hurry to feed them.

I plan on using a fawn decoy with a fawn in distress call on my electronic caller.
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