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Well I left thursday afternoon and headed out to my gf's family's area of Iowa. I got in at 6pm but my bow and clothes didnt show up til 10pm.
Jaime's cousin Chad picked me up at 4am on friday for my first ever turkey hunt and we headed to a farm about 1/2 hour away. We were setup in the blind in the corner of a corn field by 5am. Not soon after that We had 6-7 toms gobbling. It was awesome. We didnt see any of them pitch down but soon after it got light we heard them on the ground. The 1st one came in from over 200 yards almost on a string to our decoys, but then started to go to our right and passed us at 50 yards. Soon after that we had a good tom 5 yards behind the blind strutting. He was behind a fence and I wasnt going to chance that shot. He put on a show for us then walked off in the direction of the other tom. He was followed by 2 hens. All got silent for another arrow then we had a few hens come in and check out our decoys. After they left we caught a glimpse of 2 out in the field over 100 yards away. Turned out to be jakes. They came into about 5 yards and i was ready to let an hour fly but decided I hadnt come all this way for a jake. So they got a free pass. That was it for the morning. We headed for lunch and grabbed a quick nap at his house.
Headed back out and were setup by 3:30. We sat there with not even a hen coming through. I started to regret not taking the shots i was given earlier. At about 7:15 i had enough of the chair i was sitting on so i peeked out the back window, saw nothing and sat on the ground. Not even 5 minutes later Chad goes "Longbeard longbeard right there! Get ready hes coming in fast!" So I ready my bow and can hear him puff up hes so close. Chad whispers "draw draw" So i do and out from the side of the blind struts a toms! He takes a few more steps, turns to go after our strutting decoy and i let an arrow fly! Chad says "You drilled him!" The tom walks off and sits down by a tree 45 yards from us. Hes facing us so I cant get out of the blind to finish him off without taking the chance of him getting up and getting away. I grab my binos to watch him and couldnt see straight i was shaking so bad. I told chad to take them and watch. He goes "I cant see either im shaking" He was just as excited as i was. I took the binos back steadied myself and watched as he put his head down for good! I had just gotten my first turkey and with my bow! I jumped out of the blind and sprinted for my bird. Man was I all smiles! I had gone to Iowa with the goal of getting a bow turkey and I had accomplished it on my 1st day there! Spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and having fun with everyone. I cant wait to pack my bags and move out there!

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