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My first encounter (snort tube)

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Well like the title says i had my first encounter using a snort/weez tube this morning before church! Had a deer walk in unknown if it was a doe or buck not enough light. The deer smelled me but didn't know where I was located. Began to stomp and snort, so I blew into the tube and the deer kinda went a little crazy. Stomping all over and snorting really loud. So I blew it again and the deer just stopped and looked around. Then began to do what sounded like a grunt with a bellow in it. So I grunted back and the deer just turned and walked away. Never really got to see it clearly just the outline in the dark. Didn't see anything until i walked out bumping two does that where bedded down by the houses.
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Anyone use them not sure if i used it correctly or in the correct situation?
After talking to fee guys they pretty much told me i did to much and should have stopped at the first snort back to the deer! But thanks to anyone here who replied with comments[confused]
Yo want to be careful using a call when a deer is showing signs of winding you. If they associate your smell with that call then you will just educate them for the future and most likely will not get a positive response in the future. Sometimes it's best to just stay still and let a snorting or stomping deer clear out. They may have just for a little of your wind but was not totally spooked. But I bet your heart was thumping and that is what it's all about. Best way to learn is by being in the tree. Best of luck
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