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Good Luck,
I remember my 1st bow. A 45# Hoyt recurve. Then I fell victim to the compound craze, and got a Bear whitetail hunter, then a Stemmler. Finally 10 or so years ago I wwitched back to a stick n' string. I first purchased a Damon/Howyatt hunter. 65#@29". Then I went custom. I now have a Big East (Mike Fedora Jr.) bow. 63#@28".

I remember the first time hunting with the old Hoyt, I was at my friends grandfathers farm. I was 19yoa. My brother, friend & I had found some Deer tracks. I sat under a pine tree. About an hour before dark, I had deer all around me (imaging the first time out, and you're sitting on the ground, and you see deer). I missed a nice fat doe at about 15yds. Ever since then I was hooked.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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