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My First Bow : Pse Bruin

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Well today i got my very first bow and i am extremely happy. Its a PSE Bruin and i think i got a great deal on it. We first went to the Sportsmens center and the only bow that they had for me way really a browning rage for $275 (bare Bow), so then my dad took me to the Army Navy store up the street and they were having a big sale on their bows. I saw the bruin and it was only $199 i was very surprised with their prices on the bows. So my dad bought me it with a half dozen arrows, tru glow arrow rest, peep sight, and ill be getting tru glow sights for my bow very soon because they did not have the sights i liked. But i cant shoot the bow till christmas my mom said. I cant wait till i get to get out with it!! My dad said he'll be getting a new bow to in january because he did not want my mom to get mad because of the "high" prices she thinks bows cost.
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Congrats !!!! I remember my first bow, practice practice, practice is the name of the game. Thats one heck of a XMAS gift, welcome to the great sport of archery, happy holidays[up]
thank you very much bowhuntercop, merry christmas to you too.

Heres some spoecs:
28 DrawLength

PSE Bruin Pro Series
One Cams
Quick Tune model 800 Arrow Rest
Tru Glow Centra Peep
Tru Fire Hurrican Buckle Release
I got a PSE bruin last winter, right when it first came out from A&M archery. It was a new model so I'm sorry to say that I didnt pay the same as you :p It was the first bow I had in years, and I'll tell you, I love it. I havent had any problems with it, and its a joy to shoot. Which cam combination did you get? I have the lightning one cam.

Good luck with it! You've got a good bow!
um im not sure exactly which cams they are but the guy said there pse one cams so i might have the same as you, ill post a pic in a minute

sorry the pic is so poor quality, i took the pic with my camera phone in dim light.... ill get better pics soon
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I think that theres 3 different cam options, but im not 100% sure. Not that it really matters all that much. they are all good. :D
k i got the pic above...ill get better quality pics soon
wow, nice bow. I got a PSE spyder for my birthday in september and the thing is so sweeet, its as quiet as can be and also very fast, good luck with it!
Good Luck,
I remember my 1st bow. A 45# Hoyt recurve. Then I fell victim to the compound craze, and got a Bear whitetail hunter, then a Stemmler. Finally 10 or so years ago I wwitched back to a stick n' string. I first purchased a Damon/Howyatt hunter. 65#@29". Then I went custom. I now have a Big East (Mike Fedora Jr.) bow. 63#@28".

I remember the first time hunting with the old Hoyt, I was at my friends grandfathers farm. I was 19yoa. My brother, friend & I had found some Deer tracks. I sat under a pine tree. About an hour before dark, I had deer all around me (imaging the first time out, and you're sitting on the ground, and you see deer). I missed a nice fat doe at about 15yds. Ever since then I was hooked.
yup im very eager to take it
That is a great Christmas gift. You will never forget your first bow!

As was said Practice Practice Practice and don't ever stop practicing!

Wait until you and your dad go hunting, that will be the gift that lasts a lifetime for both of you![up]
28" draw length and 62# draw weight!

With specs that big, I guess you dont believe in Santa old are you anyway? 30? 35?:p:D:D

Great present, you should be hooked now! Best of luck with it, and Merry CHRISTmas to you.:):)
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ill be 15 in january im about 5-11 150 pounds, Long arms i guess?
ill be 15 in january im about 5-11 155 pounds
what the heck do you eat? I hope you play football
make sure you sign up for the archery test if you haven't already
The archery hunting license test?
The archery hunting license test?
nope i gotta take it... do u know when the next exams are? im guessing around march-april right? They still have the old shedules listed on NJ fish and wildlife
Goto any store that sells hunting licenses/equipment, they will have the forms for the hunter education course, fill it out, and mail it in, get the cl [no swearing please] done before the made rush. The 2006 season will be here before we know it
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