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My buddy shot my deer today!

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Oh well...[sad]I hunted yesterday and had a scrubby 4 pt and a small 6 less than 10 yds from the stand. They got passes...Big guy didn't show..My buddy called a little while ago telling me he got him!
10 pointer with split brows! Hopefully I'll get a pic up..I hate work!

There's still a decent 8 running around.[up]
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Joe, that's not very nice of your friend going out and shooting your deer.;) You need to have a talk with him.:D
At least it was someone you knew... not a stranger... or a car.
Yeah, I think you need to take your friend on a long walk in the woods, and "explain" things to him :D

Hopefully you'll get that 8 pt'r.

I hope he wasn't in your stand!!
Total Bummer.

I passed a nice buck once because my brother was 100 yards away and I was hoping it was going to go by his stand so he could tag it. What a dumb as I was[confused]
That wasn't nice. Is he going to share the meat with ya?
You should shoot you friend and have a nice shoulder mount
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