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Muzzloader Finally Hits The Range...!

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Well, as I mentioned this morning, I made a run out to the range today. My intention was to do some work on a couple of different guns. Due to a few snafu's I wasn't able to get there until the afternoon, however it was still an awesome day.
First off, I usually shoot at the state range at the Clinton WMA. They have a 100yd range and allow rimfire, shotgun, and muzzleloader.

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When I shoot there I usually shoot my Savage 210 12ga Bolt action shotgun, as well as a Marlin 60sb .22cal rifle.



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Of course Jcchartgirl usually shoots there as well...

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Today was a very special day however. I have been working on putting togther a muzzleloader for the past few months. I made the decision to go with the Savage 10-ml.
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to purchase one through Henry Ball. Henry is the original designer of the smokeless muzzleloader. Savage purchased his designs to create the 10ml.
Originally the gun was expected to arrive about 2 months after I ordered it. Unfortunately, the work that was being done on it ground to halt when Henrys son was unexpectedly sent back to Iraq.
For the last six months I have been waiting to recieve the gun. In the mean time I started to get ready for its arrival. I still needed rings a scope etc.
For the rings I went with Talley screw lock detachables.
For a scope I was able to purchase a brand new Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40, through ebay for an excellent price.


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Finally last week, Henry was able to finish the last of the guns he was working on in his shop. My gun arrived last Thursday.
It wasn't until last night that I finally finished cleaning the gun, mounting the rings, and the scope etc.
Today, I had to run to Paramus just to pick up an acceptable reloading powder. Ordering the powder through the mail incurrs substantial hazardous materials fees, and I wanted to shoot today..

Here it is ready to go to the range...

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So lets just say...when I got to the range I din't really know what to expect. The gun had never been shot before, I had done all the scope mounting etc, and I had no experience with the powder/sobot/bullet combination.

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JC Savag makes a GREAT GUN!!! I have a Savage Model 9 .270, and I love this gun!!! I am thinking about getting a savage shotgun for hunting over here as well, Let me know where i could go look and possibly get one.
Nice Firearms there[up]
When I finally squeezed of the first round I was pleasantly surprised to find the recoil very managable,(less than than my Savage 12ga). And as an added bonus, I was already on the paper at 25yds with plenty of room to spare.
Three shots later I was moving the target to 75 yds.....:)

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I was amazed when at 75yds the same action played out, one on the paper, three to follow, and I was off to the 100yd mark. I find myself with a brand new gun, having only fired 9 shots through it EVER, looking through the scope at the 100 YD MARK....AND IM RUNNING OUT OF TIME....

I have to leave the range in minutes in order to make a meeting back in the city...I found myself thinking, after six months of waiting....

Clinton WMA, also known as Spruce Run....
Drag...Flatbrook does have shotgun/archery/muzzleloader, however it is only a 75 yd range....
i use the clinton range. better to get there early. shooting starts at 9am.
That is good advice. Just be careful when planning on morning trips as that is when they cunduct Hunter ED shooting classes. The range is closed while they are conducting classes.
I will try to find out when the classes are post which days I get a chance.
Nice post Jeff. Where's the pictures of target groups???
Shots 10,11,12 out of #162. 64gr of Reloader 7, short black mmp sabot, 300gr XTP. Just a touch over 2 in'

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Very nice shooting - congratulations. I can't wait to get out with my new Omega. I just picked up some Powerbelts some TC Cheapshot Sabots, 777 pellets and primers and was ready to go out this morning but got a visit from the gout last night and woke up with a swollen foot. @#$%. I hope it's better so I can go tomorrow. I am very pumped for my first ML and even more pumped for the extra time I'll have in the deer woods.
Just got my rifle permit today as well...[up]
Good post Jeff. You should join us at Cherry Ridge range one day. Jim and I planning to start getting there more often. We both have to work up some new load for upcoming hunts.
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