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muzzleloader test

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I am planning to take my muzzleloader test. They say not to bring ammo. What ammo do they provide? Will they have Pyrodex pellets or only the powder? Also, if I use there muzzleloader, what do they shoot. I only ask, because I haven't shot my muzzleloader yet and plan on using the pellets.
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i used their muzzleloader..they had powder,and lead ball,i shot twice,it was a side lock..they had to clean it at the end of the day.leave your's home..
Leave your muzzleloader at home. Save yourself some cleaning.

For the muzzleloader field portion you will load and fire a round ball and 50gr of powder. We don't use pellets for the test. It's not an accuracy test but rather a safe handling demonstration. You will also fire a few rounds from a .22 rifle.
Yeah I think they only give you 25 grains of powder.. and a 20 yard shot
Use their muzzleloader. Just make sure you're one of the first. It get's a lot harder to load as more people shoot it.Save yours for the shooting range.TRUST ME.
I haven't registered yet. I just picked up the video yesterday.
There is still time to register for the Whittingham cl [no swearing please] on 6/26. This is the last of the summer classes.
go online and sign up now or you'll be out of luck!!
I thought they were held all summer long.
they fill up quick..then you can't take the test till next year..sign up quick!
Is the new schedule out from June on? I also read there were weekdays in July also.
Nothing is posted yet after June 29th. Classes will start again after the summer.
I'll be at the Hunters' Ed at 4-F this Sat 6/25.
I can't make this weekend. I guess I am going to have to wait.
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