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msgdan's northern pike (Pix)

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Both caught from a kayak in the Passaic river today. The first one was 46 inches. (2 pictures) the second was 42 inches. (last picture)

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That big Northern in a kayak must have been a blast.
Great pics
nice size he takes a lot of the space in the boat up
Very cool!![up][up]
Nice pike, congratulations...CPRed?
Nice fish![up] Where abouts on the Passaic if you don't mind me asking? Two Bridges area in Lincoln Park / Fairfield?
Yes, that's where I launched the kayak, right near Twin Bridges, and fish all throughout that area.
Nice fish. I live right above Two Bridge Road. Were you in the Passiac River or the Pompton River. I tried fishing the Passiac and it seemed too shallow. Maybe I should try the Pompton, it seems deeper. Any suggestions. I would love to catch one.
Anywhere near Twin Bridges would be a good place, these were caught in the Passaic. If you fish from the shore try by rt.80 and rt.46, but a friend of mine went there one day this summer, and caught 10 in one day. But he fished the same spot with a friend for the next 4 days, without a bite !! Its like hunting, you have to be at the right place at the right time. good fishing !!!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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