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MrJavabird17 will be out of commission for a bit

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My dear husband had surgery today.. everything went wonderful, bit of pain for the next couple of days.... But cannot do anything (no hunting) for a couple of days.

Wow, all he has to do is sit around, sleep, eat, watch TV and let me take care of him when I get home from work.. [hihi]

I'd post a picture but he'd probably kick my ass !!
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[rofl][rofl] Great pic!! Here's to a speedy recovery and getting back in the woods. [drinking]
[rofl][rofl] uhoh someone is going to get into trouble..thats unny though. i hope he gets well soon and shoots a big buck
You're too funny javabird [rofl][rofl][rofl]
Glad to hear that he will only be out of commission for a few days :)
get well soon, glade everything went well[up]
hope evrything is speedy and healthy
Hope you feel better and get in that stand soon.

I'll give you a call in a few days to see how your doing.
hunt his stand
And post some more pics[rofl] Seriously though, I hope he's back on his feet in no time.
Godspeed for a fast recovery.
[rofl] Speedy recovery!
Glad all went well.

What kind of rehab do you do for surgery like that? [rofl]
[up]Thats not right, Funny, but just not right [up]

Best of luck on a speedy recovery

Javabird are you nuts posting a pic like that. Remeber paybacks aren't a bitch any more there a MF'er. LOL. He'll get you back someday.
Hope he has a speedy recovery.

Thats great! You better sleep with one eye open[hihi]
Thanks for all the well wishes for Mr J. He didn't kill me for the pic. He can kinda of smile about it now. Things are a little bit worse today.. Wish I could have stayed home with him. [cry]
Get well soon
that picture is giving me flashbacks to when I had surgery after a real bad broken nose. ouch! i feel for you!

Speedy recovery!
So is he looking better now, err...I mean feeling better now?[hihi]
Well wishes for a speedy recovery and then out into the woods![up]
21 - 40 of 42 Posts
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