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MrJavabird17 will be out of commission for a bit

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My dear husband had surgery today.. everything went wonderful, bit of pain for the next couple of days.... But cannot do anything (no hunting) for a couple of days.

Wow, all he has to do is sit around, sleep, eat, watch TV and let me take care of him when I get home from work.. [hihi]

I'd post a picture but he'd probably kick my ass !!
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hmmmmm .. he gave me a look when he saw the "pic" part of the post... I have a couple from the hospital.. pretty funny.... I am just glad we can laugh.... I go into panic attacks with hospitals..
Thanks for all the well wishes for Mr J. He didn't kill me for the pic. He can kinda of smile about it now. Things are a little bit worse today.. Wish I could have stayed home with him. [cry]
1 - 4 of 42 Posts
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